KDE spin Group

124 packages: 103 Released; 2 Mispackaged; 8 Idle; 2 Blocked; 9 Dropped

All Needed Packages

Package Upstream Fedora
  gpsd   M bug (NEW)
  python-pyside   M bug (NEW)
  authconfig   I
  cinnamon-desktop   I
  kross-interpreters   I
  mintlocale   I
  openbox   I
  python-xpyb   I
  shiboken   I bug (ASSIGNED)
  wxPython ? homepage repo I
  cinnamon   I
  python-pyudev I
  python-cryptography   bug (CLOSED ERRATA)
  python-cups   bug (CLOSED RAWHIDE)
  python-six   bug (CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE)
  python3   bug (NEW)
  pycairo   X
  pygobject2   X
  pygtk2   X
  pyliblzma   X
  python-backports-ssl_match_hostname   X
  python-enum34   X
  python-ipaddress   X
  python-urlgrabber   X
  python2   X

Dependency Tree


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