Package gnome-desktop

This package will not be ported to Python 3. We can do without it – see if there is an alternative listed in the notes.

If you think it would be good to port it anyway, get in touch with the upstream!

See gnome-desktop in the Fedora Pagure, or go directly to the corresponding spec file.

Fedora X

Sugested replacement: gnome-desktop3

In a bug, the maintainer clarified:

so to be clear, gnome-desktop is an old library not used by much anymore. it doesn't have python bindings in the tarball. Those are provided by gnome-python2-desktop.

gnome-desktop3 is actively used (in very limited ways), but it relies on gobject introspection to bind to python.

Note that since gnome-desktop3 uses GObject introspection, it has no own Python code and thus does not show up in PortingDB.

  • gnome-desktop-2.32.0-21.fc28
    • × /usr/bin/python2
    • × pycairo
    • × pygtk2
    • × pygtk2 = 2.24.0-21.fc28

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