Package mintlocale

No one is working on this package now. You can visit pkgdb for links to the upstream project. Ask for Python 3 status, and coordinate work with the upstream to port.

If upstream has Python 3 support but it is not yet in Fedora, get in touch with the Fedora maintainer (also visible in pkgdb).

See mintlocale in the Fedora Pagure, or go directly to the corresponding spec file.

Upstream ?

A pull request which implements python 3 compatibility has been submitted upstream.


Fedora I

There's a Python 2 and a Python 3 subpackage, but they do different things.

  • mintlocale-1.4.2-11.fc28
    • × /usr/bin/python2
  • mintlocale-set-default-locale-1.4.2-11.fc28
    • /usr/bin/python3

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~2.55K total lines of code
~1.83K (72%) Python
(approximation as of 1.4.2-5.fc25)



1 Python 3 only
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