Package module-build-service

This package has some dependencies that do not support Python 3 yet. They need to be ported first. Take a look at the list, and choose one.

(Note that there might be false positives; if you spot one, please file a bug)

See module-build-service in the Fedora Package Database, or go directly to the corresponding spec file.

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  • module-build-service-1.3.20-3.fc27
    • × /usr/bin/python2
    • × python(abi) = 2.7

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Dependency Tree


17 Released; 1 Mispackaged; 1 Idle; 5 Blocked; 3 Dropped
Package Upstream Fedora
  m2crypto (nonblocking) ? repo bug M bug (NEW)
  koji   I bug (NEW)
  fedmsg   I
  fedpkg   I bug (NEW)
  kobo   I
  python-fedora (nonblocking)   I
  python-qpid   I bug (NEW)
  pdc-client   bug (CLOSED RAWHIDE)
  python-flask   bug (CLOSED ERRATA)
  python-six   bug (CLOSED CURRENTRELEASE)
  python-futures   X
  python-m2ext   X
  python2   X