Package python-dulwich

This package is released with dual support for Python 2 and Python 3. To move things forward, you can start making dependent packages use the Python 3 version.

See python-dulwich in the Fedora Pagure, or go directly to the corresponding spec file.


A package that supports Python 3 is in Rawhide.

  • dulwich-core-0.19.2-1.fc29
    • /usr/bin/python3
  • python2-dulwich-0.19.2-1.fc29
    • ×
    • × python(abi) = 2.7
  • python3-dulwich-0.19.2-1.fc29
    • python(abi) = 3.6

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Project Size

~21.9K total lines of code
~20.8K (95%) Python
~826 (3.8%) C/C++ w/ CPython API
(approximation as of 0.11.2-3.fc23)



Run time

1 Python 3 only; 1 Dropped
Package Upstream Fedora
  python3   bug (NEW)
  python2   X

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1 Python 3 only; 3 Dual support; 1 Dropped
Package Upstream Fedora
  python-docutils   bug (CLOSED RAWHIDE)
  python3   bug (NEW)
  python2   X