Package python-peak-rules

This package will not be ported to Python 3. We can do without it – see if there is an alternative listed in the notes.

If you think it would be good to port it anyway, get in touch with the upstream!

See python-peak-rules in the Fedora Pagure, or go directly to the corresponding spec file.

Fedora X

In April of 2015 upstream did some work to port this to python3 but that work hasn't been completed or pushed to a release package yet. This package is not currently needed by any Fedora package that is to be ported to python3 so no one on the Fedora side has had a desire to work on porting for upstream. Note that python-peak-rules and its dependencies interact with some low-level pieces of python so porting work is different than other packages.

    • × python(abi) = 2.7

Dependent packages

Dependency Tree


1 Released; 2 Idle; 2 Blocked; 1 Dropped
Package Upstream Fedora
  python-decoratortools   I
  python-peak-util-extremes   I
  python-peak-util-addons   I
  python-peak-util-assembler   I
  python2   X