Package python-tempest-lib

This package will not be ported to Python 3. We can do without it – see if there is an alternative listed in the notes.

If you think it would be good to port it anyway, get in touch with the upstream!

See python-tempest-lib in the Fedora Package Database, or go directly to the corresponding spec file.

Fedora X

From the upstream Github page:

As of the 1.0.0 release tempest-lib as a separate repository and project is deprecated. The library now exists as part of the tempest project, all future development will occur there. To use the library for future releases update your imports from tempest_lib to tempest.lib, and add tempest>=10 to your project requirements.

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~9.24K total lines of code
~9.16K (99%) Python
(approximation as of 0.11.0-1.fc23)