GNU Radio Group

55 packages: 🗹 1 Python 3 only; 32 Dual support; I 3 Not ported; B 7 Blocked; X 12 Legacy
Note that only Python 2 dependencies are tracked, and some BuildRequires are currently ignored.

Needed Packages

Package Status
  comedilib I
  mercurial I
  uhd I
  gnuradio B
  gr-air-modes B
  gr-fcdproplus B
  gr-hpsdr B
  gr-iqbal B
  gr-osmosdr B
  gr-rds B
  python-rpm-macros 🗹
  pygobject2 X
  pygtk2 X
  python-backports X
  python-backports-ssl_match_hostname X
  python-ipaddress X
  python2-more-itertools X
  python2-numpy X
  python2-pluggy X
  python2-pytest X
  python2-setuptools X
  python27 X
  wxPython X

Untracked packages

These packages in the group are not tracked by portingdb:

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