Naming Policy Violations

This is a dashboard to track various naming scheme violations in Python packages.

Specifically, this tracks the use of “unversioned” python in all package names, Provides, Requires, etc. It should be replaced by "versioned” variants python2 or python3.

We encourage to follow the new guidelines to avoid a range of issues when upstream support for Python 2 ends and python means Python 3 in Fedora.

Misnamed subpackage (0)

The naming scheme of (at least) one of the binary RPMs does not comply with the naming policy. Please refer to the Python RPM Porting Guide for more information and instructions on the changes needed.

Ambiguous Requires (0)

Some (Build)Requires use “unversioned” python.


For 0 Python packages, explicitly versioned names (e.g. python2-foo) are available and should be used.


For 0 Python packages, explicitly versioned names (e.g. python2-foo) may not be available. These packages are waiting for some misnamed packages to be renamed.

Non-Python Packages

There are also 0 non-Python packages which are not tracked in Python Porting Database, but depend on Python packages and use the unversioned naming scheme in run-time or build-time requirements.
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You may also see a graph of the progress history for the naming policy violations.